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 The short business plan of the organization in Ashdod a medical office aromo, api, hirudotherapy

The short business plan of the organization in Ashdod a medical office aromotherapy, apitherapy, hirudotherapy


  (treatment by bees, beekeeping products, aromas and bloodsuckers).



The history of the problem.


The history of the problem is well studied and is available for the interested from the author of the present text, no less than a list of the diseases which are treated by means of bees and bloodsuckers.


The demand market in Israel.



Besides, the studied situation of the market of medical services, gives the grounds to assert that apitherapy and hirudotherapy in Israel doesn't exist at all, or is presented very little and obviously insufficiently (one office гирудотерапии in Ramat Gan works);


Quite probably to open offices in all areas of the country: in the north, in the Center, in the south, namely: in Haifa or in Karmiel, in Tel Aviv, in Ashdod, where natives of the USSR compactly live.


In sum, today apitherapy and hirudotherapy is a free niche in the market of nonconventional medical services in Israel.


Legal aspect.


The qualified legal service of the project is necessary from the lawyer with the Israeli diploma and free Hebrew for preparation, registration and advancement with positive result of a question of obtaining of the high-grade Israeli license, including the rights to import of a biological material from other country, passage of quarantine, customs formalities and registration of the other legal aspects, able to arise in the course of legalization of the given kind of medical services in Israel.


Financial aspect.


The potential investor should understand that the project needs popularization; it needs to become necessary and claimed on the market of medical services up to the recoupment period and achievement of net profit.


Specifically it can look so:

-         Payment of professional legal services not less than 5000 US dollars;

-         Payment of rent for a premises for one office with prospect of opening more two offices -  not less than 1500 dollars per month, or 18000 dollars per year (in available place of a city, convenient for transport);

-         Fee of the expert invited from another country together with first package of a biological material for training of the Israeli personnel to techniques of work and treatment by means of bees, products of beekeeping and bloodsuckers, not less than 5000 dollars or business trip of the Israeli expert for training abroad costs the same means;

-         A wages fund of the personnel of one office from 3 persons (the doctor, the manager, the laboratory technician), will be roughly in the first year of work:

-         The doctor with the Israeli permission for work – not less than 8000 shekels a month, or 26000 dollars per year (a course of recalculation 1 dollar = 3,7 shekels);

-         The manager of an office – not less than 8000 shekels a month, or 26000 dollars per year;

-         the laboratory technician – not less than 4000 shekels a month, or 13000 dollars per year.

Suppliers of a biomaterial are known, persons training the personnel also.



Functional duties of the personnel should be approximately the following:

The doctor: carrying out of medical work, documentation registration. Reception not less than 10 working hours at working day.


The manager of an office: advertizing of services, making a list of appointments, the sequence control, all external contacts, work with the lawyer, work with the finance and financial documents, work with taxes, work with complaints, work on business expansion, work with investors, work on repairs, cleaning, fire-prevention preventive maintenance, office protection – all spectrum of economic questions.


The laboratory technician: cleanliness and order maintenance in an office, washing of linen and the clothes form, cultivation of bloodsuckers, control over their condition. (The laboratory technician will be trained to work with a biomaterial).


Total the rough fund of the salary of employees of one office will make in the first year of work about 65000 dollars.


Material support of one office will entail rough expenses:


Furniture – about 1500 dollars;

Office equipment – about 3000 dollars;

Stationery – about 1000 dollars a year;

Household expenses (washing-up liquids, manual working stock), payment of invoices for phone, water, the electric power, heating, the ground tax of the mayoralty, cleaning of places of the general using (if it is not included in a rent), single rent of motor transport for departures of the doctor on the house to patients, contingencies, expenses on security and other expenses - about 10000 dollars a year.


Fee of tax, legal and financial advisers within a year will make about 6000 dollars.


Expenses for regular advertizing and the special massed advertizing actions will make not less than 35000 dollars in the first year of work of one office.


Thus, budget cost of opening of one office in the first year of work will make totally about 149500 US dollars.


Incomes of commercial medical activity in the first year of work can really make:


-         Reception not less than 20 patients in day with fee about 30 shekels from one patient (it is hardly possible more, considering a contingent of patients-pensioners – repatriates; persons of age 45 +) that will make 600 shekels a day;

-         In a month: 15600 shekels at 26 working days;

-         In a year: 187200 shekels or 50600 dollars (at today's exchange rate).


Hence, a full recoupment of the enclosed means and an exit on net profit, it is real can come only through 2,7years.


Certainly, if to raise payment for visit, to minimize taxes, to lower a payment for rent, to minimize all operational expenditure, to strengthen advertizing, to raise attendance, to prolong the working days, at once to open not less than 3 offices, - both it can  to increase starting expenses of investors, and to increase profitability of this business. It is necessary really approach to a problem, but thus to remember that this niche can be soon occupied by other people.


In the presence of investors, the author of the present offer can undertake realization of this project.


Faithfully yours,

 Alexander Zabuty, Prof., Ph.D. Animal Science. CEO of "IsraRiga LTD”.  29.07.2012.

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